CIRM's membership consists of companies from across the marine electronics industry. From manufacturers of navigation and communication equipment through to service providers and servicing companies, CIRM's membership covers the full industry spectrum.


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Membership application form

Application form

CIRM Articles of Association


Benefits of CIRM Membership

Types of Membership

Details of the membership and fee structure, and procedures for application and resignation, are set out in the CIRM Articles of Association (as amended to April 2015). These should be read in full before applying. The Articles of Association are available above.

The appropriate membership category for a new applicant is at the discretion of the CIRM Board, subject to ratification by the membership at the next Annual General Meeting. Criteria for membership are normally applied as follows:

How to apply

Completed application forms should be scanned, signed, emailed and a hard copy posted to CIRM. Membership will normally be activated and passwords issued as soon as the application is received. The application form is available above and also direct from the Secretariat. The Secretary-General will be glad to discuss details and provide further information.